8 Reasons Explaining the Value of having a Company Website

It is definitely more beneficial to have a company website than to just use a social media page!

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Here are 8 reasons why!

1. Site visitors to the company website are serious buyers. If your product is a fit, they will most likely purchase your product or service.

  • As opposed to clients inquiring through Social Media. Social media inquiries are usually from an Impatient audience group expecting speedy responses, and not necessarily interested in buying.

2. Having a company website creates a more professional community, and its mode of communication is professional. 

  • As opposed to Social Media which focuses on casual conversations.

3. Having your own website establishes company credibility. It also increases your online presence.

  • In social media, your company is just another profile.

4. Having your own website allows you to have a platform for Direct Marketing to serious buyers. 

5. Your website builds brand identity and brand personality through both its aesthetics and functionality.

6. You own the website. 

  • In Social Media, pages are owned by the social media company

7. Having a long-term website builds domain authority and helps long-term search engine ranking.

8. Select your best reviews. 

  • In Social Media, negative reviews are public.

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