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About us

Digtech.ph Silver provides digital marketing services that bridges the gap between local and international technology standards.

Our foundation roots itself in marketing engineering, bringing technology and science into understanding marketing decision-making 

These strategies allow systematic predictions of the market and strategic positioning to drive results of marketing campaigns.


Digtech Silver Goals

www.digtech.ph Digtech Silver - Briding the Gap - Digital Marketing All-in Solution
  • Provide digital marketing services for our community

  • Give store owners a simplified hassle-free experience

  • Incorporate international marketing standards in all services

Digtech Silver Business Partners

Digtech.ph Silver is also a subsidiary of Rooms498 and partners of The Rooms498 Events and Party Venue, Rebrickhouse Restaurant, The Redbrickhouse Videoke, and Speedwash Laundry.

redbrickhouse.ph The Red Brickhouse serve traditional Filipino Foods
redbrickhouse.ph The Red Brickhouse offer you different packages of your desire Videoke Package

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