Did you know?

Let’s get some trivia’s on Digtech.ph Silver

Did you know that images can be optimized for websites?

Yes, it helps with page loading speed & supports SEO!

Web-optimized graphics improve website page loading speed, maintaining its intricacy and light size. This configuration allows easy viewing of your webpage even for those with slower internet connection such as when panning on mobile devices. 

The trick is in maintaining an intricate and clear view for all viewing it on mobile, desktop and tablet devices, yet when looking closer it should appear blurry. This prevents other web users from using your graphics for their own intentions.

Did you know that outsourcing minimizes company expenses?

Outsourcing minimizes company expenses because the company saves the costs on investing in specialized infrastructure, training personnel costs, and not worrying on the risk of employee turnovers. The access to skilled resources results in faster and quality service, thereby increasing business efficiency.

Did you know that good SEO is based on the content of your website?

Don’t be fooled by companies telling you they can build your website and put you immediately at #1 of google search. 

Every company wants to be #1 of google search, and we all can’t be up there at the same time!

Did you know that in social media – you do not own your company page!

Your company page was created on their social media platform, so the social media company owns your company page.

In contrast to having your own website, you own your company website.